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    General about booking a stall

    You are close to get your own shop now. Its takes a only few minutes before you are in business.

    When completing you will get a username and password, which you should use whenever you want to visit your private account. As soon as the booking is completed you can start to create the products you want to sell.

    • Write good texts
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    • Be reasonable with the prices.

    Our staff is experienced and trained regarding good prices and we assist you the best way we can.

    You can maintain your products from anywhere and in our shop, where you print price labels to put on your things.

    Those are the words about getting in business.

    Resume of the flow

    • First of all you pick a shop close to you

    • Follow up by choosing the stall(s) you need

    • After we ask you to pick a starting date and the period matching your needs

    • Our system will show you a list of available stalls. Notice the best selling stalls are displayed at the top. We recommend you pick the first one, but you can choose anyone you like. Additional services can be added as you like

    • Notice that your choises are added to the shopping cart, where you can review everything before you buy. You can also pick another stall matching your needs

    • Now you are able to surf other products in our shop before you go the cart to complete you buy. As soon as you payment is completed you can start to add the products you want to sell. Click My Account in the left menu from where you also can follow economy and much more